7 Reasons Why Rose Water Is Your Knight In Floral Armour

History is testament to renowned faces of power aglow with the benefits of natural rose water. The famous Egyptian queen, and the most beautiful woman of her time, Cleopatra, swore by rose water's healing and beautifying properties, so much so, that in Shakespeare's words, 'the winds were lovesick with them'. She regularly bathed in rose water, and had her ship sails scented with it. The Romans documented and revelled in its healing powers for more than 30 ailments. Famous Renaissance artist and sculptor, Michelangelo, never took his tea without a dash of rose water!

In India, Mughal emperors welcomed royal guests into their courts with a sprinkle of rose water from ornate gulabpash as a symbol of sophistication and good fortune. Their queens had it mixed with river silt to make vivifying face and body packs. Tansen would sit amidst rose water under an open sky and in their mystical aura, he would unravel the most enchanting ragas.

Pure rose water is extracted from Rosa damascena, commonly known as Damask Rose.

So why have we forgotten this ingenious nature's marvel which was once considered fit for healing kings and queens? One could argue that with capitalism and corporatocracy on the rise, cosmetic companies do not want you to know that in the all-virtuous rose water, you will find more solutions to your problems than you can count.

1. Rose water is amrit for your skin.

It balances your skin's pH, fights acne, dermatitis and eczema, and heals scars and inflammations. It tones the blood capillaries to increase blood flow to your skin, resulting in younger and healthier skin.

2. Royal figures and celebrities have endorsed its beauty benefits.

Whats is common between Cleopatra, Jodha Bai and Jennifer Aniston? Yep, you guessed it right. They all made rose water an inseparable part of their life, health and beauty routine. It is a powerful skin toner. It hydrates, moisturizes and regenerates the skin tissue with its antioxidant properties. It is also a key ingredient in face and body beauty regimes and anti-ageing treatments.

3. It is a nature's elixir that heals your body.

Rose water relieves headaches and boosts your heart's activity. It helps maintain a balanced nervous system and immune system. It also improves the activity of the endocrine and thyroid glands, and treats digestive disorders. Just a few drops of rose water will relieve irritated or tired eyes.

4. Because your hair is your crown.

It balances your hair's pH and aids in repairing hair's damaged porosity, leaving it looking well maintained always.

5. Rose water creates a luxurious ambience fit for kings.

Rose water has been a hallmark of nobility and prosperity for centuries. A spritz is all it takes to transform the aura of any room. Use it as a room freshener, the royal feels will give you a royal high!

6. It heals your mind.

Rose water is known for its calming effects. It's transcendental properties relieve tense muscles and nerves, cures headaches, and a bath in rose water is sure to relieve all your fatigue and anxiety.

7. Rose water is a sensory pleasure that reaches the soul.

Aromatherapy using rose water releases happiness hormones called Endorphins, that can effectively uplift your mood and combat neurosis and depression.

With scores of benefits and goodness to offer, what's the catch? A simple one. The rose water you use should be completely natural and organic. It takes tonnes of Rosa damascena rose petals to produce one vial of pure rose water. For the most effective results, it will be worth your while to go for authentic and pure rose water from a trustworthy brand instead of a synthetic, cheaper alternative.

The next time you are in need of a divine intervention, make sure you turn to the healing powers of the majestic rose water for all the health fixes you need!

By Kashish Rahman

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  • Ruth Moraa
    Ruth Moraa on November 5, 2017 at 7:53 pm said:

    Have learnt alot about rose mary but getting the pure one is the problem anyway thanks alot en keep on informing us.be blessed.

  • Cucumber Organics
    Cucumber Organics on December 1, 2017 at 11:09 am said:

    Hi Ruth,
    we purchase all our ingredients from certified vendors only. :)

    Thanks for giving time to read it.