Cucumber Sun Defence Spray (50 ml)

Organic face toner sun defence anti aging

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Cucumber Sun Defence Spray (50 ml)
All-Round Essential Sun Protection For the generation of today. (Unisex)
CO’s Cucumber Sun Defence Toner has a skillful combination of Cucumber and Green Tea specially designed for today’s generation, for a quick, gentle and powerful protection from sun and pollution damage. Powered with Witch-hazel, a natural all-rounder with countless healing benefits, including the most effective natural acne treatment in the world due to its profound astringent. Cucumber and Green tea protects you from sun damage as well as acts as a healing after-sun spray to reduce Tan and Sun Burn plus the potent protection from skin cancer. Expect nothing less than greatness from this toner.

Frequency: Twice daily for optimum results.

Spray directly on the skin after washing your face (or) spray on cotton and gently wipe your face with it. Use on-the-go for longer protection from Sun by spraying it whenever necessary. Use it as a After-Sun exposure spray to heal Sun Tan and Sun Burn. Follow up with CO's range of Face Serums.
Weight : 200 gm
Protection – Rosemary and Witch-hazel protect skin cells from sun damage and are powerful antiseptics. Green Tea and Cucumber also protect your skin from tanning and burning as well as remove them post sun exposure.

Healing - Witch-hazel's strong astringent properties are the key to destroying harmful bacteria residing in skin’s pores. Rosemary is both antiseptic and acts as a superior disinfectant for the skin.

Anti-Aging – Green Tea and Witch-hazel are rich in antioxidants that stop cellular damage, prevent signs of ageing like scars, redness, discoloration, dryness and puffiness around the eyes, and speed up the skin's healing process.

Skin Toning – Witch-hazel is the most effective natural way to tighten skin, protect collagen and retain skin elasticity.
Witch-hazel, Green Tea, Cucumber & Rosemary.
Please check the ingredients for allergies/irritants before ordering & use. Use & store as instructed. Always conduct a patch test on the inner arm before using; do not use if redness or irritation occurs.