About Us

Cucumber Organics is the beginning of change. Cucumber Organics is where the ancient secrets of natural healing meet the modern, fast-paced life. It is a one-stop destination for an array of certified 100% organic products – lifestyle, home care and pet care.

Started by Priya and Zaheer in 2016, Cucumber Organics began with the dream of bringing pure and positive organic energy into day-to-day life. Today, it is of utmost importance to us that we create and curate 100% Organic products. At Cucumber Organics, we have eliminated the need for chemicals, bringing preservative-free, pure and authentic organic products to you.

Our Products

Cucumber Organics strives to reincarnate the natural holistic lifestyle of our ancestors into the modern age. Combining the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda with modern research and recently-discovered super ingredients from around the globe, Cucumber Organics products unite the best of both worlds. They are made fresh, using only certified Organic/Natural ingredients grown on local organic farms and are handcrafted with finesse. Each product is pure, unadulterated, chemical-free and designed for hassle-free use.

At the heart of our business is our love for nature. It is our endeavour to protect the environment we so passionately adore. Our ingredients are either indigenously grown or sourced from organics farms in the effort to support the local farmers. Cucumber Organics products are handcrafted by underprivileged men & women with the aim to provide them skill training and employment. No products are tested on animals. Our packaging paper and plastic are also completely recyclable.


Cucumber Organics' has set out to resolve present-day lifestyle problems by natural healing for well-rounded health, au naturel – mind, body & soul. To bring the present and future generations closer to their roots, quite literally!


Cucumber Organics envisages an organic revolution in day-to-day living. Our planet Earth has been blessed with rare marvels of nature, from medicinal forests to therapeutic minerals and soils. CO seeks to make the blissful goodness of nature readily available and affordable for everyone. The future is organic, and Cucumber Organics is here to walk with you, together towards a lean, clean and green lifestyle.

Don't panic, it's organic!